Vikjo bad

Relax at Stord Hotell

At Stord Hotell’s new wellness facility, Vikjo Bad, you can immerse yourself in quality, luxury, and relaxation. This is a place where you can truly unwind, enjoy the delightful atmosphere, and completely recharge. A place you look forward to visiting – an added highlight to your wonderful hotel experience.

Brand new – enjoy it. Welcome to Vikjo Bad.

An all-encompassing hotel experience – from breakfast to dinner

Enjoy a fresh and delicious breakfast buffet before allowing the meal to settle. Then, wanter back to your room, slip into the soft bathrobe and hotel slippers, and make your way to the new pool area without getting your feet wet. Step into a completely different atmosphere where a pool, massage showers, water cannon, swim jet, hot stones, and sauna wait. We guarantee that the spa experience will envelop you, leaving you fully relaxed.

Once you’ve pampered yourself at the spa, you can elevate the fantastic hotel experience with a visit to Brasserie 59° or Sushi 59°, where culinary delights, locally sourced and tasteful dishes await. You can extend the experience at Bar 59°, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and a laid-back atmosphere. Then, return to your luxurious and freshly made hotel bed, making it the perfect end to your hotel experience.

Opening hours Vikjo Bad

Monday to Sunday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Not staying at the hotel?

Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you’re welcome to Vikjo Bad. We offer various packages that include access to Vikjo Bad. Treat yourself to a little escape and pamper yourself – alone or with friends and family who need new energy and relaxation.


Refill & Bath

Why not pair Vikjo Bad with a delightful meal? Enjoy our hotel breakfast or a light dish from our à la carte menu before or after your visit to the wellness area, ensuring both your stomach and happiness levels are fully replenished!

Our inspiration

The inspiration behind Vikjo Bad comes from the bathing coves nestled within the Sunnhordaland basin and the pivotal maritime industry in the area. Even indoors, amidst the warmth, you’ll get the feeling of Sunnhordaland’s crisp freshness, with its calming waves and stunning natural beauty.