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Do you want to balance your stay with a round of golf, a great mountain hike, ocean rafting or perhaps one of Norway’s most exciting mines? With the coastal town of Stord, you have a perfect starting point for exciting experiences for you and your guests.

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With Stord as your starting point, you and your guests can experience delicious flavors and quality ingredients. The region has a rich flora of small and large producers who produce food based on local produce and ingredients. Our chefs know how to harvest from the local food platter.

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Experience Sunnhordland

Stord Hotell is located at the heart of Sunnhordland. Whether it’s for a business trip or to experience the nature and culture of Sunnhordland, Stord Hotell is the perfect place to start.

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Kjøtteinsvegen 67, Leirvik
5411 Stord

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